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I love nature, long bus journey rides, Alcest's music and games. Add me to your friends list in PSN : Mohawk-V85 .

Name : Ahry Ahr-y
Birthday : 6/6
School : RP

Alcest - Écailles De Lune


Ah Ding

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Date : Saturday, October 31, 2009
Time : 12:46 PM
Title : Borderlands!

Currently playing Borderlands! Great fun, after O Levels you guys should ask me for the disc and we'll play this game together.! A great game with RPG and FPS elements all mixed nicely.
Very addictive, and there are about more than 3 million guns in the game!!! That's crazy!

Wow its very early in the morning, like 4 Am now. I did not realise that I have been playing this game for the last hour... Dangerous!

Last Friday, Rahman Luqman and I went to the frontier library to have a look around. We met this group, there were 3 of them, and actually its suppose to be 10.! Amazing... I was thought as a distraction and disturbance to your concentration, I didnt know my distractions are equal to more than 10 people! Wow, Im really bad ah like this. Imagine that, me = more than 10 people. Silly, silly you.

Completed going through the Chemistry syllabus (as suggested by Chemist Hong, who showers me with affection) with the help of Rahman, which is 2 PEOPLE. But, we managed, and cleared everything, only now it all depends on the questions... This Monday I'll be heading down to school early, meeting the usual people to have last minute revisions. Maybe Leslie will be there, I don't know. But what I know is, im going to be something that disrupts your focus and concentration! Beware people!

Sorry, but I just cannot angs(take) this.!

Date :
Time : 8:02 AM
Title : nama saya Rainnn

To those who study non-stop in library, good luck (: .
To those who say im a distraction, i really don't know what to say... It must be your inability to concentrate. Lack of self-discipline. haha.

I know those who study in library (non-stop, from morning to closing of library) are aiming for A1s. Must, Get, A1s. Okay, good luck. Some (not some) say I am a drifter, floating away. well, i really don't know what to say, i guess its true. Drifter~

There are actually sell-outs who think that they dont sell-out! I learnt this from a good friend of mine a few days ago. haha. i believe him, because he is one who has not gone through stupid stages in life (hahahaha).

I now study with Zabir, Daniel, Rahman, and Luqman. Im selling out~~~ (NOT)
Im being a friendly teacher to them, coaching them and guiding them. but... some regard me as anything but a teacher. hahahaha.

Okay, studying now. GOOD BYE!

Date :
Time : 5:23 AM
Title : *kraka-thoom*

just came back from a rainy weather.
i think ill lie down for 1 whole day...

btw, im using Windows 7 now. wahah.

Date : Thursday, October 29, 2009
Time : 8:35 AM
Title : (yaw)n...

At around 8pm, I reached Daniel void deck to study with him and Rahman. Ive brought 2 Chicken Soup, not exactly Chicken Soup, its more like Soup flavoured Chicken. I also brought 4 roti nutella... They were late so I finished them all. I also brought two bottles of orange juices and 1 of it gone because they were too late...

So we studied, and we managed to go through almost half of the syllabus, and still got a lot more to go... I think we can do it. Did Chemistry only, and we were so happy that we can get it right haha.

After that went to meet Hilary. Got to know Gilbert and Zay Linn were there too. Nothing much, went home after that....

Now reading Digital Life. Its just sad that Singapore the journalists are so pro-Microsoft. Everything Microsoft do they worship. How about the PS3 motion controllers ? They never preview it AT ALL. !

Date : Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Time : 11:23 PM
Title : Computer Exam!

Today I did my Computer Studies paper. It was actually quite easy.

So, today I woke up at 7.30, and Zabir was already at my void deck. He texted me and I woke up, haha alarm clock.. So we met Daniel and Leslie at around 8 at school library. We had intensive last minute revision, and Guo Bin's notes really helped us a lot. Thanks! So we went down to eat and went up to take the exam.


we had our exam in Ava room. It was chilling, hehe, and fun. I spend too much time concentrating on my handwriting on the first two pages that I didnt realise I had used up 40 mins! I panicked, but I managed... And completed the paper, with answers elaborated. First time. I hope I can get a B3 at least. That will surely help me a lot...

Okay, So Bored. BYE!

Date :
Time : 12:04 PM
Title : A New Blog!

Blogskin actually. Changed. LOL. I cannot take it that you all cannot view my previous blogskin properly just because of a small thingy. nvm.

Time flies. O Levels will soon end. What am I going to do with the freedom? I think I want to share some things.

+Things I want to do after O levels+
2)Create/join Underground Circle
3)Create a new racing team
4)Play MMORPGs.
Actually, not a lot, and points 1 and 2 are just something that is unreachable. Still, I will fulfill the last two points, and get them done definitely.!

So bored. Kay, im going to study CS!