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I love nature, long bus journey rides, Alcest's music and games. Add me to your friends list in PSN : Mohawk-V85 .

Name : Ahry Ahr-y
Birthday : 6/6
School : RP

Alcest - Écailles De Lune


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Date : Saturday, January 30, 2010
Time : 9:53 AM
Title : why

Why should I care, if you look like you don't care?

Because I always care. If I don't care, that's not me.
I care too much maybe. But isn't it good to care too much?

Date : Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Time : 5:19 AM
Title : Im an RP boy

Republic Poly. One thing I dislike about Republic Poly is all the negativity it gets from people who haven't had any experience in this polytechnic at all. People who are from secondary schools, or nosy neighbours that keep pestering us about the silliness of our choice to get into RP. I cannot control them, I know, so I have to be patient and smile. hehs. But, think about it. You were not from that poly, and you are only repeating things from word of mouth. Plus, you take things from students who did not do well in Republic Poly. haha. =)

To those who did not get their first choice, or suddenly went to some poly that you dislike, be thankful at least you get into Polytechnic. Close friends of mine are dying to get into Poly, but they were not successful, and your attitude towards what you 'unfortunately' got disgusts them. It is not disgusting to me, btw, because we have to smile, be patient and calm about things. hehs. Also, I was given two rows of polytechnic courses which I were eligible for, and I got my first choice. =) Not something to brag about, but I am thankful for what I have now. Going to be in CNB anyway. =) For those who got a lottttttt of courses and yet did not get their choice, too bad. Really, can't do anything except to appeal, and appealing is troublesome you have to be patient and be grateful for whatever comes your way. =)

I would like to say congrats to Luqman and Daniel for being patient with what they have, and they had no complaints whatsoever. They were thankful with what they have, and are slowly working their way to the top. Its a step, all we need is patience. Patience, plus other bonuses like determination and willpower to achieve what we all want. =)

Leslie and I are going to the same Poly! Its going to be fun. =) byebye.

Date : Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Time : 12:01 AM
Title : im a musician today

Sorry about the last post, I get so worked up and do not understand why most people have to be racist. What divides the races? hehs. For me, I don't care about my race, its jumbled up anyway hehs. Indian or Javanese who cares... 'we are of the human race'. yeah. hehe.

I recently discovered a new acronym, smh. Smh. What is that?! So I googled it and found out it was Shaking My Head. Its a new trend for the N4G.COM 's users to use something like that when they found out something really stupid. hehe. Smh.

Last week, on Friday, my class had a BBQ at SAFRA. It was a great event as I long time did not see my classmates. Some couldn't make it, others had to leave early, but its good to see most of my classmates again. Fun, and always noisy... A lot of boys I realised.

Okay, time to go.

Date : Sunday, January 24, 2010
Time : 9:30 AM
Title : Im bored for today

I went to a seminar earlier today, and I managed to write down everything the host said. His name is David Liang, and he calls himself a wise man. Im not sure if what he says are even true, but you might learn a thing or two from this guy. Here is his talk in full :

"Are you a racist.?

Hi, my name is David Liang, and I am here to talk about Racism. You all have paid good money to listen to this talk about racism. Are you all racist? Or are you all unintentionally racist? I come here today, to talk about this in full detail.

Im sure all of you will agree that when you see a foreigner slacking in Jurong Central Park or any place with green trees, you will immediately notice and the first thing that comes to your mind or pops out of your mouth will be something racist. For example, 'bangla'. Why is this automatic for some? I'm sure for other races, like Chinese or Malay or Indian, it will be much slower to register to your mind about their race.

Maybe this is strange, but I do not think so. You are all saying like that because you do not want them in this country. Its true, its not bullshit. You will always complain about them overcrowding Jurong Point or the MRT stations when its public holiday. You will complain about their body odour, when clearly body odour is not bangladesh-exclusive! Every single thing they do, you will comment, because why? Because you already condemn them from the start!

So how do you ask? How to overcome this barrier? Its all up to you. Ask yourself this, are you willing to change? Are you willing to love everyone? Can you even do that? We all have been brainwashed by the media. What comes to your mind when I say "Terrorist"? You will probably think of a bearded man, wearing a white turban and preferably a Muslim. Am I not correct? Then, for some its even worse! They even think that all Muslims are terrorist and are ordered to hate and kill. The first step to not being racist is to stop being so ignorant.

Step 1 : Stop being ignorant. Learn from your mistake. Learn what other race/religion/culture do in detail, and stop being so impulsive and jump into conclusions. No need to learn, just stop making yourself look so stupid. Racism makes you look immature, makes you stupid.

Step 2 : Smile, love, and be friendly. Stuck in a lift with a Bangladeshi worker? Stop complaining and start smiling.! If, he does smell due to his body odour, you must remember that it is a HUMAN THING and not a BANGLA THING! Stop being racist, its so childish its unbelievable.

Step 3 : Stop the HATE! Have you ever ask yourself why you hated other race so much? Is it because of their noisy home? Or is it because of their broken family? Wake up!!! Its not a RACE ISSUE, it doesnt run in the RACE! You stop being so ignorant.

All these simple steps ensure that you will not be racist anymore. Racism is a bad thing. Always remember that we are of the HUMAN RACE. There's this new rule right? For new babies they can start changing their race? Well change it to HUMAN RACE.

That's all. You're money's worth.
Thank You and Bye."

Wow, his speech is really awe-inspiring. We are of the HUMAN RACE. Personally, I do not care about my own race. I don't care about races, seriously. Because I am part of the HUMAN RACE, we all are. =)

Date :
Time : 5:07 AM
Title : Today, im an artist, and this is my short bio

Do you like the feeling of being ignored? I do not like it, but that's where I get my inspiration to write music. The feeling of being ignored, feeling down and waiting for something... I channel all these into my music. I write neofolk/atmospheric stuff. I can say that its really going well, im lucky that Achit likes the same type of music.

I can say for most that when people who listen to Black Metal for a long period of time, they will eventually go to something soothing, something more melodic yet heavy at the same time. They will explore many other different genres, and they will come to a genre where they will be most comfortable with besides Black Metal. For most, they find comfort in NeoFolk and Ambient music, something totally different from the raw noise of Black Metal. Yet, they enjoy both different types of music. This is called, evolution. haha... Yes it is. They have evolved to enjoy and appreciate something much finer, something that only geniuses can come up with, something that makes simple things soooo nice.

For me, I have always been a fan of Black Metal. Although I do not support the lyrical themes, I love the music for its vocals and the playing of the instruments. A year ago, I found something that totally changed my passion for music. Its called Agalloch. They came up with masterpieces each and every time, and never failed to play me to sleep. The music is so gooood, that I have to learn how to play them.! But unfortunately, I did not have any instruments at all. But, there was a miracle about 2 weeks ago, when I scavenge the study room for something, I stumbled upon an acoustic guitar! I was overjoyed, and quickly told Achit (my teacher) and he taught me Agalloch stuff. Its simply amazing.

Right now, I'm perfecting a song i'm making with Achit. We have to thank Agalloch for the wonderful inspiration to help us make good stuff, also not forgetting Godspeed You! Black Emperor's amazing song East Hastings. These bands are really worth looking into, as they helped us a lot in making good music.

mcm phm, tapi ade betol sikit.

Date : Friday, January 22, 2010
Time : 11:48 PM
Title : im a counsellor for today again

Somethings might be important to you, but not to others. Somethings might be urgent to you, but not to others. There is some reasoning that you want others to know, but you do not want to tell them. For example, I have this origami piece that is important and dear to me. I want to give it to, lets' say Achit... I plan to give it to him before the start of his busy school life, where it is almost impossible for us to see each other. But he's always busy with things and cannot meet to get this origami piece. Dragged and dragged until the start of his School life... Somethings, some events are important for you, but not for others.. Do you even care about the recent Sultan's death? Some people care, but some people don't.

I just read from a friend's blog about the term I Love You. According to her, its overrated. Its been used widely until it has no significance. For me however, I don't abuse these words. I do not say to my friends 'I Love You' every time they give me something.. I just say 'thanks' and they will feel appreciated, and they will know that I care. 'I Love You' is for someone special to me. It is reserved for the person whom I love the most =). I don't go around saying I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU to everybody. It just destroys the significance.

Date : Thursday, January 21, 2010
Time : 6:24 AM
Title : im a boy for today

If you have the time to spare, and you can welcome any new music, play the video and listen to this masterpiece by Agalloch. Sweet blend and flow of all the instruments, and the vocals are really amazing. Listen with earpiece better..

Today is Luqman Hakim's birthday.. happy bday.

Date : Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Time : 7:58 AM
Title : im a counsellor for today too

I walked at Boon Lay Bus Interchange just now, and noticed one thing missing... Remember the old interchange where there were Tv's attached to the ceiling and it tells the approximate time of the next bus? Yes, we don't have those Tvs anymore... i just noticed.

I went to Changi Airport just now to see Yee Leng off to Australia. What was really touching was that when it was time for her to go, she criedd and hugged her mother like no tomorrow. I was tearing, but managed to held back some tears. That part was really emotional for me, because I was imagining what it was like to be in her shoes when suddenly she did that.! Wow

2010 is a great year for PS3 gaming. of course, i don't just care about gaming. hehs.

Luqman Hakim is great. He is the boss. He is the best of the best. He got A2 for English, beats most of the people. =( *can put the gun away from my head now... pls?*

Date : Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Time : 4:21 AM
Title : Im a counsellor for today

If only everybody is patient. There are times when you need to hurry up, 'like saving someone from fire', but there are times when you do not need to be impatient at all. For example, if you are walking and there is someone in front of you who is walking really slow, you have a lot of choices. A lot will be like, 'haiyo, move so slow!'. But you can choose, either ask politely or just go with the flow. We can avoid conflict this way.

Patience has helped me to avoid conflicts. Just a few hours ago, I was walking back home from a lesson, and there's this fierce-looking teenage man in a coffee shop who bumped into me purposely. I can feel it, it was really on purpose. He stopped and turned to me, unhappy. But, I was patient, and smiled at him. The look on his face was priceless, he smiled awkwardly. Being me (hehs), I tried to be more friendly with him and shook his hand and apologised. His hands were really big and rough, but I was not intimidated. He nodded with a true-er smile now, and we separated there. Like a love movie. haha. That was love yeah.

Friendly and being polite i think, comes naturally when you are really patient. I am not talking about being friendly with friends.... Im talking about being friendly with strangers. Being polite to them. Its really magical, because it is kind of contagious. At the coffee shop just now, there was a man who stared at me from a distance. When I looked at him, he was still staring! I was a little bit shaken, but I managed and smiled. Oh wow! He smiled back, surprised (yet again). It really warms my heart, and it should have warmed his heart too. A few days ago, there was this elderly woman who walked alone on the roadside. I just went up to her and said 'Hello!', and did her face lit up! I talked to her about my O Level results, and she talked about her grandson's education. She was never to be seen again in my neighbourhood. =(

Being angry and have bad temper. haha. This a bad disease yo. It can make people dislike each other, it can mean long years of friendship *poof* just like that. When someone is angry towards you, I don't think you should react back by being angry with that person. Its like destroying both of you. Soo, the best way to resolve this problem is to find out the problem, be patient (always, very important tool) and talk things out. Or you can just talk things out by smiling, thats good.! =) Oh , I remembered being very angry towards Diyana haha it was a joke during sec 4 i threw the chair around . i hope you know its a joke, i told you alr?

What I'm saying is, being patient is the best thing that you can do for yourself and others around you. Of course, there will be people who will ignore being patient and just care for themselves. I think the first step to being patient, like really patient and having really good self-discipline, is to not just care for yourself but to care for others as well. Not just the elderly lady who falls flat on the ground and only then you want to help, but really, the care must be there.

im your counsellor for today.
and practice what you preach. =)

Also, cant wait for BBQ on friday with 4E7 im so impatient! /jk

Date : Saturday, January 2, 2010
Time : 8:08 PM
Title :

happy birthday achit

went to khiriah bbq. ok good.
need to go home early as brother bought something game-related.

cant wait for 2011.

hmm, mcm sengaje je die ni. haiya