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I love nature, long bus journey rides, Alcest's music and games. Add me to your friends list in PSN : Mohawk-V85 .

Name : Ahry Ahr-y
Birthday : 6/6
School : RP

Alcest - Écailles De Lune


Ah Ding

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Date : Saturday, April 24, 2010
Time : 10:22 AM
Title : Yawn


The dreamy, floating effect.
Accompany me on for one night, June holiday, and we'll sleep by the beach.
I love it.

Listen and dream. Listen and float.
Listen and be mesmerized.
Listen and let it take over.

I love Alcest's Ecailles De Lune (Part 1).
Its also called Scales Moon.

We'll listen by the beach. Accompany me for one night.
I love it.

Date : Sunday, April 18, 2010
Time : 3:14 AM
Title : What I Love


I hope all is well.

If I want to create music, I do not wish to be called a musician. Instead, I would like to be a musical genius. What defines a musical genius varies for everyone. The members of Muse are regarded as musical geniuses because of their songwriting and their ability to make people 'float away' when listening to their music. For me, when a musician succeeds in making their listeners 'float away', that makes them musical geniuses.

What exactly is 'float away'? I called it 'high', for lack of a better word. 'Starlight', the song from Muse, is one song that can make people 'high'. There are not many musicians today (in the past as well) that can do that. That's why I call those who succeed in making their listeners 'float away' true musical geniuses because its so rare to have music like these. For some, Muse' music may not make you 'high'. Similarly, there is my favorite Extreme Metal band who mixes elements of Post-Rock and Extreme Metal to carry their listeners to some wonderful imaginary land far far away. Not all is for all.

So tell me, what are some of your favorite musical geniuses? Please share the title of their music and also the name!

I love this picture. Cute and beautiful.

II XXV V - Bye

"Not all is for all." - Luqman Hakim

Date : Friday, April 16, 2010
Time : 8:51 PM
Title : Blk 811, 8th floor

There are not many things scarier than living under a haunted unit. For over 10 years living in this block, I have heard strange noises, stories and all things beyond belief.

When I first moved in, seventh floor seemed very nice for me. The neighbours were friendly, the view is just nice and everything seemed alright. Soon after, neighbours started to talk about the 8th floor strange happenings. When I moved in, my upstairs neighbour moved out. The house was vacant for about 2 months. During that 2 months, weird noises can be heard from my room. The weird noises were definitely from above. I cannot describe what exactly are the sounds, but it sounded like anklets... Some nights I kept hearing them. I soon began to ignore the noise and treated it as if its just another normal sound.

Over the years, families moved in and out, that time I really do not care about all the matters upstairs. Then, last week, I heard stories from my neighbours about one of the family members being possessed every night by a demon. Then I remembered about the noises I heard every night, anklets (yes, again!) and movement of furniture. I need to confirm this, so I waited till nightfall and began listening closely..

BOOM! It sounded like a head had dropped and fallen flat on the ground. I was frightened. The anklets were there again, dancing to my fast pounding heartbeats. I heard chantings and a voice so demonic it was unreal. It seemed that my neighbour was being possessed and it wants to come near me.

of course, this is fake.

Date : Thursday, April 8, 2010
Time : 12:10 PM
Title : Crazy, they call me...

I wont type in super duper power words to enhance and show sophistication in my post because I know that simple English is the best. People will understand.

"Okay, I recently shared a secret openly, and only 3 believed me.
The others called me crazy.

I know it seems so fake, but trust me on this one, its real.

I got super powers.
Yes, now some of you will start calling me crazy.

For those who don't believe me, I suggest you stop reading, because the next few lines are either going to make you laugh, or hate me. =/

Okay, now that I got my powers, what do I have to do with it? Am I destined for greatness? Or this is just simply a minor technique that does not involve anything major at all? Do I have to help anyone with it? I am now not able to fully grasp my powers, but I'm sure very soon, I will manage. This is beyond belief."