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I love nature, long bus journey rides, Alcest's music and games. Add me to your friends list in PSN : Mohawk-V85 .

Name : Ahry Ahr-y
Birthday : 6/6
School : RP

Alcest - Écailles De Lune


Ah Ding

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Date : Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Time : 1:19 PM
Title : My solo trip =)

Okay, this was just now. I was bored, nobody can go out cycling. So I went myself. Enjoyable, 1.30am - 5am.
I went to the cemeteries, the lakeside park (pic not taken), the empty flats at Taman Jurong.! The location yang buat aku gentar sikit eh is at taman jurong the flats. like got ppl living there, but also like no ppl living there.?

[hmm. Smells like teen spirit.]

[mcm phm lagi.]


[aik, mcm phm again.]

Date :
Time : 1:09 PM
Title : Hafiz, Achit and Me trip

All pics of Hafiz Achit and me cycling here.

[Kamen Rider Double Sect leader!]

[Photography~] mcm phm.\

[This picture have meaning.]

[This picture no meaning =X]

[Nega World Hollywood!!!]

[The black spots are the wandering souls of dead ants. hehe. ape je.]

[this pic nice ah. tyty]

[i managed to get a shot of the Kamen Rider living in this Nega World.]

Favorite part of the place!

Date : Sunday, February 7, 2010
Time : 5:46 AM
Title : games

One of the many reasons I love about RPG games is that, we have moral choices. We can choose to be good or bad. I always choose to be bad, because I love being a villain in games. Then there are times when you are, really connected with the game. Sometimes you cannot bear to choose the bad choice believe it or not. That means it is a good game. haha.

I cant really choose renegade actions in real life. I have a heart. Real life and games are two different things. In games, I can do many things like killing my Dad, spouting vulgarities at my Mom, but in real life I dare not. Or, a simple thing like when a rude guy shouts to you in game, you can choose bad actions but in real life I simply can't.

I simply can't. because I care too much. I have a heart.

Date : Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Time : 10:13 AM
Title : Vulgar and Badwords

I noticed my not-so-close friends are really vulgar.. They used vulgarities like as if its nothing, its norm for them. Not only on the Internet, in public too.

I know that this is beyond our control, and we cannot do anything to stop them from using vulgarities. We have to be patient, to smile =) and avoid using these badwords. I do not care about myself, but I'm concerned about the people who cannot tolerate vulgarities in public. Actually, almost all cannot tolerate vulgarities, even those who keep using badwords will find it distasteful. I stopped using vulgarities because I know strangers do not like to hear these words, and I see no use for it. Maybe, to help most of you to stop scolding badwords unnecessarily (got times when there is a need to kah?? hehe) you should stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about other people's feelings and impressions towards you. =) if you do not care about other people's impressions towards you, then you need to stop saying 'dont judge me if you do not know me'. hehe. i make sense. =)